March 20, 2009

joining the hive

I was contacted by the beehive co-op in Atlanta last month about carrying kelly marie designs in their store. I was thrilled- I have been working so hard at getting my work out there and when a store like the beehive has seen your work and comes to you- it makes it all worth while! I quickly got some pieces together and headed down for a meeting. I was blown away by the store- there are so many unique and talented designer's featured! I was honored to be asked to be apart of the hive!

You can learn more about the other artists at the beehive co-op at

I then went home and began plugging away at my sewing machine trying to get as many pieces together as possible. It's hard for me to be as pro-active with all of this as I would like to be. Working full time and having two roommates makes it difficult for me to stay focused! I managed to meet my goal and now kelly marie designs is proudly displayed at the beehive co-op!!

If your in Atlanta next week you should stop by the beehive co-op on March 28th- everything is 25% off! It's a great opportunity for you to stock up on some beautiful spring accessories!!!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous stuff!

Robyn said...

yeah for kelly marie!!!!